Who loves BBQ more than a Texan? Nobody!

Pit Masters hold a special place of reverence for us and BBQ is something we truly love to share with our friends. These chefs and pit masters come from all over our great state including Dallas, Fort Worth, Lockhart, Plano, McKinney, and parts all around. Whether you’re eager to learn tips and tricks while sampling the wares, or want to hop on our BBQ Bus tour to eat your way through the best spots, we’ve got an event for you.

Upcoming Events


  • 08.28 Beers & Barbecue: A Pop Up!

    Last year at Meat Fight’s MF1K I had the opportunity to meet Ryan and Sunnye Childers of RVC Promotions.  RVC is a food and beverage promotions company with events such as cooking classes, alcohol tastings, as well as BBQ bus tours.  Their business really intrigued me and I wanted to go to an event, but life happened and it took me…

  • 08.13 Low & Slow: North TX BBQ & Music Festival

    The Low and Slow BBQ Music Festival was held at the Longhorn Ballroom Saturday night in Dallas Texas. The night featured dishes served up by BBQ favorites like Bone Daddy's, Bet the House BBQ, Lakewood Smokehouse, and Smoky Rose. Live music kept the party going till 11 PM with musical guests Simon Flory Trio, The King Bucks, Bryce…

  • 08.09 Low & Slow: North TX BBQ & Music Festival

    Low & Slow North Texas BBQ and Music Festival is the inaugural go at what its planners are hoping will be an annual event. In a sweltering summer, when shade has been precious and outdoor festivals trying, the one this Saturday (with barbecue masters like Lakewood Smokehouse, One90 Smoked Meats, and Smoky Rose), is blissfully covered, in the Longhorn…

  • 02.17 BBQ Tour Smokin’ Good

    I hopped on a bus for a BBQ tour this week from the people at RVC Promotions, these are the same people who do multiple weekly pop up dinners and cooking classes with great chefs from around the DFW area. They are also doing a series of BBQ tours which have taken guests to the Hill Country and all points in Dallas and Fort Worth.