Beer Events

Texas was quick out of the chute for the Craft Beer craze, and there’s no sign of stopping. We proudly boast that we’ve got some of the most well-known, delicious breweries in the US. Our brewery partners come from all over our great state - Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Mid-Cities, Hill Country, and points all around those areas.

Some of the most-fun dinners we’ve put together have been hosted right inside the breweries themselves! So whether you get to enjoy a multi-course meals and beer pairing right next to the tanks or just get to experience a variety of well-made beers at a BBQ event, you’ll want to join us soon and often!

Upcoming Events


  • 03.30 Noble Rey Brewing Pop Up Dinner

    What in the actual BLEEP happened last night?!? Not only did I get to hang out at my friends' brewery (saying that will never get old), we treated ourselves to a pop-up dinner by Graham Dodds, executive chef of Wayward Sons. And it. Was. Beautiful.